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January 18, 2017 Report

“Over the past weekend we attempted to re-flood the upstream section of the Enerdu Project and test the new winter cofferdam located just upstream of the railway bridge.
The winter cofferdam did not meet minimum leakage requirements and the result was the flooding of the powerhouse pit.
While unfortunate, our planning included this possibility and we had prepared the powerhouse area for this eventuality. We remain in close contact with the appropriate Government officials.
Regardless this has been a setback and the timing of the completion of this cofferdam is critical.
New clear stone bags have been reinstalled upstream and the area dewatered to allow re-work of the winter cofferdam. This is expected to be completed on January 19th.
We want to apologize to the landowners and all of those affected by the noise and commotion that we have created to address this issue. We regret any inconvenience that this has caused and we are working diligently to complete this work as quickly as possible. We thank the community for their understanding and our staff for responding quickly and effectively to deal with this issue.”


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