Update on Status

The new pier to support the Old Flour Mill building is now complete as are the excavations for the powerhouse. Construction of the new powerhouse is beginning.

The concrete bases for the upstream weirs to be built this year are almost finished.

Work on controlling water has continued and has seen much improvement.  The downstream cofferdam and turbidity curtains are functioning as intended.  The upstream excavation area continues to be used for storage and settling along with two settling tanks (large green container seen on site).  A filtration system was brought in and used for a short period but this was found to become clogged with the fine particulate materials.  The accumulated fines in the upstream excavation area and elsewhere on-site have been removed from time to time and will be removed before opening this area to the river.  Monitoring by the biologist continues on a regular basis.

New Pier

Construction of  bases for upstream weirs.

Downstream cofferdam and turbidity curtains.


At this time, TCCL is anticipating the removal of the existing upstream cofferdam and much of the upstream access road in the coming month. Prior to this removal, a stoplog system will be installed in the work area, just upstream of the intakes. The area between the two cofferdams will be cleaned and the accumulated fines removed. The dismantling of the upstream cofferdam and access road will begin once the final clean-up is done.

The powerhouse outer wall is expected to be built before spring freshet. This will be designed to withstand spring flows. The two new weirs will be operational. River flow will be passed over the three weirs and through the new bypass and powerhouse, as needed.

The outer cofferdam that is parallel to the river will be replaced with a small one immediately next to the new powerhouse. At this time, it is anticipated that the downstream cofferdam and access road will be fully or partially removed.

These actions will open up more of the river to flows.