Enerdu Summer 2017 Report

Work continues on schedule at the Enerdu Generating Station. The spring months were spent preparing for the installation of the power generation equipment and some concrete finishing work.

This year’s high water flows provided an immediate test of the bypass capacity and it passed with flying colours. Even with the high water flow and the powerplant not passing any water, the bypass was able to handle the flows as planned.

This summer’s work is well underway.

The steel uprights used to hold the winter cofferdam have been removed.

Generating equipment has started to be installed. This process will taken until late fall to complete.

Under a rental agreement with the Municipality, Enerdu is accessing the south side of river via the Old Town Hall parking lot. This agreement includes Enerdu creating additional parking spaces on Reserve Street.

The Riverwalk remains open with access to the Walk via a fenced area in the Old Town Hall parking lot.

The construction of a cofferdam to dewater the south part of the river is underway. Once dry, a small trench will be hoe-rammed to create the foundation for the last piece of inflatable weir. In addition, an eel ladder will be installed close where the weir meets the island. This work will be completed in early October.

Enerdu has a robust environmental monitoring process that includes water testing, visual inspections, inspections by Enerdu biologists and visits from various government agencies including the MOECC and the MNRF. Regular reports, (daily when cofferdam is being built or removed) are filed with the agencies by our biologist.

High water and high flows have delayed some work but now that water levels are receding, other work scheduled for this summer include:

  • installation of the eel holding chamber including installation of a riprap wall in the downstream area
  • Cleanup of the riverbed adjacent to the riverside wall (plastic, wood etc left from last year’s work)
  • Installation of Weir A, (the wier running from the railway pier to the powerhouse),
  • Completing the installation of the generation equipment
  • Construction of the building and roof, including the glass walls

Testing of the generating equipment will begin in late fall. Enerdu remains on schedule for going live late this year.